What is UKCC?

The UK Christadelphian Choir was set up in 2015 for Christadelphians of all ages and musical backgrounds who would like to sing in a Christadelphian choir.

Although there are already several well-established Christadelphian choirs, these invariably meet on weekdays.  The idea behind UKCC is that brothers, sisters and young people can meet every few months on a Saturday, learn around eight new songs, then perform these on the same evening.  This is more feasible for those travelling long distances or who cannot commit to weekly rehearsals.  Many who sing in UKCC also sing with one of the other Christadelphian choirs.

To date, there have been twelve enjoyable and uplifting days of singing (three of these across a whole weekend), each with a different scriptural theme, always culminating in a praise evening for local brothers and sisters. 

When and where?

This changes from event to event, but we try to make sure the venue is accessible from most parts of the country.  You can find all the details you need on the Events page.

Rehearsals start at 10am and finish at 5.30pm.  Lunch is a bring-and-share buffet and a hot evening meal is provided.  We also break for coffee and biscuits in the morning and afternoon.  Christadelphians enjoy a good brew and a natter!

The praise evening starts at 7pm and usually finishes at around 8.30pm.  Coffee, tea and cake is provided afterwards.

Who can join?

Anyone who attends a Christadelphian ecclesia (either as a member, young person or as a visitor) may register to attend.

An ability to sight-read is helpful, but not essential.  The committee will always endeavour to send out rehearsal tracks prior to the day so that you can familiarise yourself with the songs.

What   will I   sing?

We sing a range of music.  In the past, we have sung many original Christadelphian compositions as well as John Rutter anthems, songs from the Manitoulin cantatas, anthems from the hymn book and songs from both of the Worship Books.

How much does it cost?

This varies depending on the venue and the music we are singing.  The cost is usually between £5-£10.  Attendance at the praise evening is free.

How do I book on?

You can book on as a choir member by e-mailing ukchristadelphianchoir@gmail.com or using the form on this website.

There is no need to book on if you are just coming for the evening.